Miyoshi Gordon

       Founder and President

Learning to remain healthy is a daily challenge in itself; however, when life throws you a curve ball you either learn to catch the ball, miss it or drop it.  I have learned to catch the ball no matter how hard it is thrown to or at me.

Having my own testimonial experience living with a Myositis Disease for 26 years and 14 years as a Breast Cancer Survivor; I am a TRUE ADVOCATE for the person living with these diseases and those that have lost their battle.

I was diagnosed with Polymyositis in 1995.  Polymyositis is an autoimmune disease which is very rare and a progressive neuromuscular disease that causes inflammation of the muscles and associated tissues. This inflammation can result in muscle weakness, pain, fatigue, skin rashes, lung disease, and a higher than normal average of cancer.  Polymyositis in the United States is most common among African Americans. The disorder is most prevalent in women with a male/female ratio of 1:2. In the United States, its incidence is one per 100,000 persons per year.  In 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was devastating news; however, my little inner voice said “DON’T EVER GIVE UP”.  Breast Cancer is more common in Women.  With several types of Breast Cancer; statistics known in women 124.7 per 100,000 persons; men 3 per 100,000.  It is rare in men; but it does happen.

Through the years; I have been determined to keep my spirit high and with a positive attitude.  I asked myself one day; how can I give to others so they may endure some of the hardships without as much difficulty which I have gone through.  It was placed on my heart to begin a nonprofit organization.

United – A Divine Purpose, Inc. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is very passionate about helping those persons that are dealing with Myositis, Breast Cancer diseases and Mental Health (Emotional Abuse Victims) on a day to day basis.  As an organization we are highly committed to letting those persons know we are TRUE ADVOCATES in spreading awareness to the general public, providing financial assistance to patients and families, assisting in funding research to find a cure for these diseases and building relationships in collaborations with other charitable organizations with common goals and purposes.